5 Skin Care Products For Babies

5 Essential Skin Care Products For Babies

Using cosmetics for your baby is essential for your baby to have a healthy, rosy skin. However, the child’s skin is extremely fragile and sensitive. So it is easy to fall into allergies, redness. Mother should choose products with mild ingredients, natural origin. Making sure they are baby products to protect your baby’s sensitive skin. In addition, mothers should not abuse skin care products for children. Only use in moderate amounts and should consult your doctor before buying and using. Here, We would like to introduce 5 essential skin care products for babies to nourish your baby’s skin safely and healthy.

Powdered powder

The main effect of baby powder is to prevent sweat from secreting the skin, helping to clear the skin. Therefore, most mothers often use baby powder on the baby’s skin after bathing to help dry the baby’s skin, or use it when the baby develops symptoms of rash. However, different skin types are suited for different products. To ensure the safety of your baby’s delicate skin, mothers should choose chalk from reputable brands, to ensure quality to minimize the risk of skin allergies. For children with particularly sensitive skin, mothers need to consult a doctor before buying and using the product.

Suggestions from Multi:

Pigeon Baby Powder is a chalk product belonging to Pigeon. A famous brand from Japan and recognized as one of the leading companies in the world in the field of manufacturing utensils for mothers and babies. With white powder particles with a thin and smooth texture, extracted from pure shark liver oil specially used for the lower body. Pigeon Baby Powder is trusted by mothers for absolute safety.

5 Skin Care Products For Babies

Skin cream

Winter comes is also the time when baby’s skin is easily dry and cracked. Therefore, mothers need to prepare baby skin care products to provide moisture and protect the baby’s delicate skin from external influences. For young children, mothers should choose products with natural and benign extracts to ensure their safety.

Suggestions from Multi:

Jacklon Baby Body Lotion with almond oil, shea butter and allatoin helps protect baby’s skin from irritation, while leaving the skin smooth and soft. The plus point for the product is that it does not contain soap, preservatives, colorants. It is safe for the health of children.

Massage oil

Massage oil has biological uses to increase skin elasticity. Especially for premature babies, the massage process will stimulate the vagus nerve, improve digestion and bowel movements, helping the baby achieve the same weight as full term babies. In addition, mothers should massage the baby at the end of the day so that the baby’s body can relax and easily fall asleep.

Suggestions from Multi:

Chicco Massage Oil is a rice bran massage oil product containing Omega 3 and Omega 6 to help cleanse, moisturize and soften the baby’s skin. In particular, massage oil from Chicco brand can also remove the hard scales on the scalp (also known as “buffalo shit”). Thanks to that, baby’s skin is always ventilated, “easy to breathe” and healthy.


Just washing your baby’s hair with water cannot remove all the dirt. However, a baby’s scalp is often very fragile, especially in newborn babies. Therefore, children need to be cared for with safe shampoo products with high benign properties. Mother should choose products with natural extracts, low foam and do not cause stinging eyes.

Suggestions from Multi:

Sanosan Bath and Shampoo originated from Germany fully possessing the above factors. Extracted from olive oil, the product contains active ingredients that moisturize, smoothen hair, keep baby’s hair from being frizzy and eliminate plaque (buffalo shit) on the head. One point that makes mothers reassured is that Sanosan Bath and Shampoo has been certified “good product” by Oko-test (the German consumer interest assessment organization).

Shower gel

After a long day of play and exercise, the baby’s body can’t help but sweat and get dirty from the surrounding environment. Bath gel is an essential product, always goes hand in hand with shampoo in every task to eliminate bacteria that attack your baby’s body. A clean, fresh skin will help babies fall into deep sleep easier than ever.

Suggestions from Multi:

Aveeno Baby Wash & Shampoo is a natural oatmeal shower gel, with the ability to gently cleanse and not dry baby skin. The product does not contain soap, does not sting the eyes and is safe for the delicate skin of children.