5 Ways to Make Beauty at Home for Housewives
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5 Ways to Make Beauty at Home for Housewives

To have beautiful and healthy skin, women have to exchange a lot of time and money. In addition to eating well, get enough sleep and deep sleep. Skin care is indispensable. Here are 5 steps to skin care at home for women

Wash your face Wash

Your face gently with a cleanser that is suitable for your skin. It is best to choose one. It is gentle with ingredients extracted from nature while also containing essential moisturizing content.

Instead of washing your face with your unhygienic hands, use a specialized cleanser to maximize the benefits of cleansers and your face protection.

Use warm water to wash your face. Do not use hot water because it will dry and swell the capillaries on your face.

After cleansing, you can alternately wash warm water. Then cold water for 3 minutes will help your face much firmer.

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Exfoliating dead cells on the face

Dead cells will interfere with the absorption of nutrients in the skin and cause acne to form and grow rapidly. So please exfoliate your face less. at most 1 time / 1 week offline.

You can exfoliate very simply and quickly using a mixture of lemon juice + white sugar or coconut oil + white crystalline salt and rub. Rently massage on the face for 15 minutes and then rinse with water. warm is okay;

You should note that in the exfoliating process. You should only gently massage it lest it damage the skin.

Simple skin care at home, simple skin care steps

Facial steam to have beautiful skin Steaming

2 times / 1 week for about 10 minutes will help clean deep inside the pores on your face to make your face clear and easily absorb the nutrients you need set

Boil 300ml of water with some essential oils from orange peel, lemon peel or a little salt and cover with a towel and let the steam gradually evaporate on your face, you will feel very comfortable.

However, one thing to avoid absolutely after a steam bath is that you must not squeeze the visible spots on your face.

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Provide skin with essential nutrients

Masks are often used to regenerate and firm the face, so please apply the mask 3 times / 1 week.

For oily skin, a clay-based mask is the best or you can use a mask made of egg whites + lemon juice, cucumber mask, tomatoes, …

For dry or sensitive skin. Use a mask containing gel or lotion with high moisture, you can also use a honey mask + coconut oil or a mask of fresh milk, …

If your skin is combination skin should use a mud mask or masks made from olive oil + chicken eggs, potatoes + milk, …

You should experiment with masking on the skin of the feet to test the reaction before deciding to choose the right mask.

Using lotion

Creams are the basic secret to making your face look young and healthy;

Applying a daily lotion that protects the skin from the effects of the sun’s rays, which contain a lot of ultraviolet rays;

Creams should be used in the morning and at night for best results, even combination and oily skin need lotion, but it must be a non-oily cream that causes acne. Please choose the most suitable skin cream for you.

At night is the most effective time to apply skin care measures, you can choose for yourself anti-aging creams, reduce wrinkles to enhance your own beauty.

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It should be noted that you should choose a lotion with an SPF of at least 15.

After applying the lotion, massage the circle gently and pat gently on the face so that the skin can quickly absorb the nutrients from the lotion.

With 5 simple steps to have beautiful skin at home above, girls can take care of their skin every day, right? so simple and economical, it will definitely give you a fresh, beautiful face every day.