Easy Food Safety Tips for Your Home

Easy Food Safety Tips for Your Home

Facing the market situation, there are many floating products of unknown origin: sometimes there are many preservatives out of the list. Sometimes there are too many pesticide residues, sometimes there are growth stimulants … making them. I dizzy in the multifaceted natural food world.

How can I avoid such “dirty” foods? So before going to the market, we need to equip ourselves with some basic skills to be able to choose quality foods, rich in nutrients, good for the health of our family and loved ones.

1. Does the place of sale need to be discussed?

First, it is worthwhile to choose where to buy food that must be reliable places: have a business registration license, have clear food origin, and have input quarantine. Including a note to see if there is a system to store it before the sale. Very necessary! The seller should also be someone who should be equipped with food safety and hygiene knowledge. In particular, the seller must be the one who is interested in the buyer.

2. Meat: growth medicine, borax, rancid goods … Oh enough story!

So you should choose meat by looking at the dry meat, not wet or slimy. The meat has a smooth texture, no bleeding, normal color – bright pink, not pale, skin no bruises, smells. It is characteristic of meat, must not smell strange. The meat must be firm and firm. We are also careful to see that the inside of the fiber is free of small, milky white “grain” spots – that is. There are no parasites or worms that cause disease.

Observe more skin and fat: if the skin is abnormally thin, stretched, the lean part is close to the skin. The fat is very little and the color is darker than the normal meat. It is the pork that contains growth hormone. When processing, the meat will be watery, the flavor is no longer typical of pork, when cooked, the color is pale.

You can also try to see the elasticity of meat by: pressing your finger against the meat creates a dent. But leaves no trace when you lift the finger, does not leak, the meat is still sticking to the bone.

The meat with sedative is usually abnormally pink. When pressed against the meat, it will feel a bit smooth, water leaks out. If the pork is marinated with borax, this meat is usually bruised pink, when pressing it with your hands will not see very good elasticity.

3. Fish: Are you afraid of fish marinated with urée, or antibiotics to keep fresh for a long time?

Choose when they are swimming, fresh or if they are “dormant” asleep? At that time, priority should be given to fish with spastic bodies. You can try placing the fish on your hand, but the body still won’t be bent. In addition, you must also check the other parts of the fish. Typically: ankle is transparent, not indented; mouth still closed; gill lines are still bright red, not viscous. The abdomen is not swollen or broken; and their meat must be solid and have high elasticity. The scales are bright, shiny and firmly attached to the body, with little injury, or no marks of bruises or abrasions on the body. The smell must be the characteristic fishy smell, not the smell of rotten, rotten or bulky.

4. Aquatic products: everyday story… at the market.

  • Dirty seafood is enchanted, making everyone afraid. So you can only partially refine by choosing ones that are fresh, with their full shape and head attached to the body; The touch has a soft, natural stretch, and high elasticity.
  • Shrimp: must be green with shiny, smooth shell.
  • Crab: hard bibs do not drop when pressed, the rod will not fall off.
  • Snail: the grinding must be tight, the body is not indented, the meat is still stretched
  • Clam: the mouth must be closed… Especially, when smelling, you will have a characteristic fishy smell, no strange smell (dark smell, bad smell, smell, …). If so, the preparation will not be pasty, sweet and delicious to the meal.

5. Egg wrapped in shell… safe or not?

Surely you are no stranger to fake eggs, dirty eggs hide clean eggs … So choosing eggs also has its way. When you hold the egg between your index fingers and your thumb, gently shake, the newly laid eggs do not shake, but the longer the eggs are, the more “yoke” will sound. Or when you look through the light, you see the air chamber – the space at the big end of the egg, the bigger the egg isn’t. Keep an eye on fruits with clean, unbroken, intact shells, eggs with quarantine marks to ensure that they remain fresh and safe during transport and storage.

Another way that is not difficult to identify, you can drop the eggs in a glass of water, the higher the egg floats, stop looking at them. Choose the fruit horizontally and immerse deeply in the water.

6. How should vegetables, tubers and fruits be chosen?

  • Leafy vegetables: choose fresh and delicious, not crushed, normal color, not withering, not too dirty.
  • Tubers and fruits: you should choose bulbs that are smooth, stretched, not crushed, have no scratches on the body, do not get dirty, have a normal shape, have no defects … Absolutely not choose to buy tubers have sprouted, run, especially potatoes, sweet potatoes, cassava … should pay attention when choosing to buy.
  • Be cautious about pre-cut vegetables and fruits: banana, spinach, …

7. Are processed foods convenient but are there hazards?

Processed and packaged foods, industrial products: Choose a label with full product information, have a clear origin, pay attention to the expiry date. sign product quality. The box must be shiny, rust-free, sealed, and free from vapor, no distortion, no signs of cracking. Depending on the object and age, choose appropriate products.

The general rule of thumb is to make use of all the sensory senses of color, taste, and form.

It’s not just safe food choices that can lead to safe meals. This is just one of the necessary conditions. Besides, there are enough conditions, you need to pay attention to how to preserve them properly, whether or not to process them in a hygienic way, whether or not to combine food in harmony …

Wish moms and dads successful in choosing food to bring the best possible family meal to your babies.