Reunions Recovery
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Reunions Recovery

So after a long weekend I am sure everyone is tired AF. I didn’t even go to school on Monday because my body was not letting me move a muscle that morning. School would have been too much to bear after a long weekend of SATs and reunions. As we are all trying to get back into the swing of things, some of us after 3 days in a row of reunions fun, here are some of the best ways I have found to conquer your days after a long weekend.

First off, put good things in and you will get good things out. It is almost ironic that I am preaching to eat healthy since if anyone knows me I do quite the opposite. But when you are trying to recover from something putting healthy and nutritious foods in your body feels the best. This also goes for what you are drinking. Whatever you were drinking at reunions needs to be flushed out so your body can really start to feel whole again. So drink lots of cool refreshing water, and limit the other types of beverages for your own sake.

Nap. What more is there to say. Get yo rest, girl you need it and you deserve it. Not only is reunion’s partying exhausting but the stress that surrounds it is too. From getting that prized 5th band, finding the perfect outfit, and keeping all the creepy college guys off of you, both mentally and physically you’re in dire need of a nap.

Now let’s talk about clothing. You may want to just stick at home and wear the comfiest and biggest sweats you own, but dressing better makes you feel better. Sure the first few post days go ahead and smack on some of those trendy heathered gray joggers, but the rest of the time throw on a cute skirt or pair of tight jeans that make you feel like a boss ass bitch. When you’re dressed confidently you will act more confident which in turn helps you move yourself towards a reunions detox.

  1. Now this is more looking to the future, but if you plan on going in again this weekend know your body is probably a little bit slower in life than it usually would be. So at the next party go easy on yourself. Have a fucking good time but not one that will put you over the edge.