What Should I Wear During Postpartum

What Should I Wear During Postpartum?

During your pregnancy, it enlarges your uterus like a rubber band to hold your baby and after the delivery for weeks, you will still feel you are pregnant. The definition of sleeping through the nights is that of every parent’s dream is when your baby sleeps 6 hours in a row, not 8. You can not do much about it but just get through the hard times and all you need is the right clothes to wear. The best postpartum dresses, which will make you feel at ease.

In all the excitement that surrounds your pregnancy and births, it’s easy to cope in the postpartum period. Our clothes can have a tremendous impact on how we feel hence it is always important to know what is practical and comfortable to wear.

The other belly—when you are pregnant, the first signs of the body can make you feel a little giddy. Every week you tick off your belly and your baby grows it’s all sweet and thrilled. But after the baby is born and your belly still looks 6 months pregnant. You have milk leaking out to solve all these you need to have the best postpartum dresses.

What Should I Wear During Postpartum

Few tips for the most comfortable outfits

Repurpose your maternity clothes – As soon as you get out of the hospital, don’t go for new outfits. Any maternity bottoms with an elastic waist will be your friend after the baby comes. The most important piece of maternity wear was postpartum underwear. They are very helpful if you have undergone a C-section. They help in healing the wounds after the surgery.

Get some stretchy basics – If you did not use some maternity clothes, pick up some stretchy clothes. Anything which has a high waist is very much useful.

Pick up the right nursing bra – The first couple of weeks your baby is born your boobs are going to become big and leaky. It also pains. get an excellent quality nursing bra.

Nursing tops or nightwear – Nursing tops have to have the features of nursing bras.

Postpartum wrap or band – This will help you support your abdominal muscles directly in the first few weeks after you give birth. This is the period your muscles are very weak. While getting this you need to be very careful to see to it it’s not too tight.

What is the problem with postpartum clothes?

After delivery, you may not feel like wearing your maternity clothes anymore. Hence you would nurse for over 6 months to invest in a proper outfit that is comfortable and also makes you feel good. Most of the time new moms face hormone changes which make you feel grief thinking you are in your pajamas most of the time and you become more and more frustrated. Hence to make you feel good about yourself, make a proper decision on purchasing nursing dresses.

What Should I Wear During Postpartum

Things to keep in mind before purchasing the dress

Easy to feed

The most important thing to see is the feeding facility. Because after delivery, the most troublesome period is the first six weeks during this time it’s very important to keep yourself comfortable. Even when you are traveling or in a gathering, you need to be comfortable to feed your baby as they are going to be hungry every other hour.

Say no to tight clothes

Wear no tight clothes, as they will not help in feeding your baby. And after delivery, your entire body and hormones will change, so it’s always better not to prefer tight clothes.

Comfortable use and throw panty

This is one of the best options. Soon after delivery, you are going to bleed for over 60 days and you must follow hygiene. Self-hygiene is always the better choice for you and your baby.

Easy to wash and dry

Always look for materials which are easy to wash and dry because you would need over one in a day and we could not buy many clothes at a time hence they should be easy to wash and dry and they must not have a thing that is pricking which will make your baby uncomfortable.


While purchasing postpartum clothes you must also keep in mind if this will last long because you would need these clothes at least for over 6 months. Hence repeated purchase is not of any use rather if your clothes are durable, then it’s worth making the purchase.

No harmful colors and works

While buying postpartum clothes you must keep in mind the use of colors in the material and if it has any beadwork thread work, etc these may cause irritation in the baby skin and may lead to allergy and they might irritate your body also since after delivery your body also takes a larger level of changes. It is very important to have a check on this during the purchase.

What Should I Wear During Postpartum

Types of postpartum dresses

  • Bottoms with tummy belt
  • Tops with nursing facility
  • Dresses with nursing pads facility
  • Sleepwear with nursing facility
  • Tummy control pants for C-section moms
  • Supporting bra lined with nursing pads
  • A robe
  • Postpartum briefs
  • Nursing bras

These are the few postpartum clothes available in India they can be very helpful for your hygiene and also your mental health. Mostly after a few weeks of delivery, the new moms always feel they have lost their body and lost attention from their husband during this time. They attach these types of clothes to the fashion statement, which will make you feel good emotionally.


Try not to worry about anything “getting back your body” or “not getting back yourself” in the first few months. And do not stress over those celebrities who do  –  they have a team of workers and helpers and deep pockets at their disposal. Instead, focus on the best postpartum dresses, which includes fashion ideas to make you look and feel good inside and outside. You must be mentally happy and physically fit to handle what is coming your way.

In this article, we have given you the list of dresses you can wear after your delivery, hence this can make your purchase comfortable. While purchasing your postpartum clothes make sure you go through many websites and see the online review and then make a purchase. It is always good to know your path of travel before stepping into it. Everything in life is an experience, enjoy every step of your motherhood with comfortable clothes and feeling good about yourself.